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Tallman Double Closet Rod Lift Mechanism - (Gray)

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Innovative closet storing mechanism to hang clothes in high places, allowing for your closet space to be utilized more efficiently.

• New Shock Absorbing Mechanism:
Designed to soften sudden “pop-ups” even when rod is released halfway.
Allows the closet rod to stay at position when the rod
pulled all the way down.

• Easy to use:
Easy to return the rod to its normal position.

• Simple to install:
Install mounting plate on the wall, fasten rod unit to the mounting plate with one hidden screw.

• Choose your size:
We offer single, double or a T-type to accommodate your space requirements.

  • Easily access hanging clothes even at the top of the closet.
  • Lift up - pull down closet rod mechanism creates more usable space at the top of the closet
  • Lift mechanism assists in lifting the rod back into the upper position
  • Designed for installation on side walls of a cabinet or closet
  • Fits openings 31-1/2" to 46-1/2" W
  • Load capacity 33 lbs.