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Your closet is a statement of who you are. Make it bold.

Behind every great closet is the hardware – the brackets and rods that stack and hold up your attire in style. Our listings include all of the necessary components that you need to build the closet of your dreams. Crafted from premium metals with plated and hand-brushed finishes that ensure long-lasting and reliable usage. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs. Our versatile solutions include shower rod kits, too. The hardware is simple, but the possibilities are endless.


  • Choose from a variety of designs that satisfy your every closet storage hardware requirement.
  • High-quality heavy-duty materials with sizes and adjustments to create the perfect custom fit.
  • Durable finishes available in oil rubbed bronze, brass, and chrome, satin and white finishes.
  • Find complementing accessories for every component. And we have Shower Curtain kits too.
  • Take a look at our innovative Closet Rod Lift mechanism that makes for efficient use of space.

There are numerous reasons why you could need steel brackets or metal rods. They can be vital to shelving units, help to keep up a shower curtain or can be used to make a sturdy closet to store all of your clothes.

Installing a metal rod with brackets

While closets are rarely seen as the main feature of a home, they have to be very well made. All those little items of clothes can add up to significant weight. If your closet is made from cheaper materials then problems can quickly occur.

To have that level of quality you want to be able to choose between the highest quality metals. As well as having stainless steel brackets, there are also brass finishes and aluminum brackets. That allows you to get the style you want, as well as the quality.

Every closet needs to fill a uniquely sized space but thankfully we have everything you need to complete your dream closet. With plenty of design options available, you’re not going to have to make any sacrifices in terms of what you want.

Using stainless steel brackets and metal rods

It’s not just closets where you need metal rods and aluminum brackets etc., we also have kits which would be perfect for shower curtains and household shelving. If you didn’t want a standard steel rod finish then bronze, brass, chrome satin and white finishes are available to get the exact style you’re after.

Heavy-duty steel rods and stainless steel brackets

Style is an important aspect of any home but it’s all for nothing if they don’t have the durability required. Whether you are getting aluminum brackets or steel brackets, they are going to be able to stand the test of time.

The same can be said when you install a metal rod. With the fixtures and fittings we provide, they will work with the steel rod to give you a sturdy and reliable pole. It’s that combination of style and durability which makes them such a great choice.

More than just steel brackets and metal rods

Away from the steel brackets and metal rods, you also need quality in every other area. The likes of our open flange and center support bracket are examples of how our range can support any type of design that you can imagine.

We also provide an innovative closet rod lift which is going to allow you to store clothes in places where you can’t usually reach. It’s a wonderful solution for those people who struggle with heights or simply those who want to make the most of their space. It can revolutionize the way you store your clothes.

More possibilities

Far too many people are content with the closets, shower rails, and shelving that they have. The truth is that you are able to make a lot more use of these spaces with more durable materials and stylish designs. With our range of brackets, rods, fixtures, and fittings you’ll have infinitely more possibilities to enhance your space.