When it comes to poles, they are known for two famous but completely separate uses. You have the dance pole that you see in many clubs and also the fire pole which enables firefighters to get down a floor as quickly as possible.

Get the right steel or brass pole for you

Whether you’re looking for a brass dance pole for sale or a fire pole for sale, we have the solution for you. You could be dancing, saving lives or exercising, the requirements are all going to be the same as you need a high-quality professional pole which is going to last.

The pressures of the bodyweight being applied are high and with an inadequate pole, you’re not going to have the support you need. That requires high-quality materials with all the correct parts required for an installation which will last for many years.

Poles have been popular for a very long time and will continue to be so. They are not a piece of equipment that you should take for granted. Whether it’s a dancer spinning around them or a firefighter sliding down them, you want to make sure everyone is safe with a high-quality pole.

Explore your body’s limits, this pole can be your new backbone.

Take your fitness regime to the next level or use it just for fun. Our dancing pole assembly kits include all the components you need for an absolutely sturdy and reliable installation. And using this is highly satisfying – a totally smooth polished finish that provides the optimum grip. Perfect for installing in clubs as a dance pole, an exercise pole in gyms, as a fire pole (or fireman's pole) in fire stations or even a sliding pole in your kid’s bedroom. This installation will withstand the rigor of its usage for years to come.


  • Permanent stationary dance pole assembly kit with heavy-duty mounting flanges & canopy.
  • Premium tubing in high-grade finishes– polished brass, stainless steel or brushed satin steel.
  • Industrial strength iron flanges and matching threaded steel inserts reinforce the tubing ends.
  • Tubing can be custom-cut to match the exact length requirement of floor-to-ceiling height.
  • Provide a robust, safe & dependable installation for your project– zero-maintenance & lasting.

Benefits of a brass pole

Even though they are the most famous uses, they aren’t the only things that you can do with a pole. They can also be used as a fun feature for kids but also for exercise too. You have the option of getting a bass pole or a stainless steel pole, depending on your needs.

These poles have an extremely high level of durability as the heavy-duty mounting flanges are going to be able to keep them securely in place. The assembly kits are very easy to install and you’ll be able to enjoy your new pole in no time.

They come in the standard outside diameter of a 2-inch pole and therefore are going to be the same 2-inch diameter which is used everywhere. If you are looking for a professional dance pole, then this means you’ll easily be able to transfer those skills from one pole to the next.

Installing a stainless steel dance pole

The most famous use for a pole is still dancing. What a lot of people don’t consider, however, is that it’s a terrific form of exercise in the home. It enables you to increase your fitness while also having a lot of fun in the process.

The pole will stay incredibly sturdy and will look great too. The polished finish that they have will be able to give you a wonderful level of grip. This makes them ideal for professional installation in clubs for anyone who wants a high-quality pole at home.

Another benefit of having the best dance pole is that it takes up such a small footprint. You don’t need the same level of space as you do with other forms of fitness equipment. It makes it a simple and effective exercise solution for any home.

Getting a fire pole for sale

While stainless steel is the most common material found with these poles, you can also get a brass pole for sale or even have one with a brushed satin steel finish. The premium 2 inch tubing has a professional quality that will stand up to high-intensity use from firefighters.

It gets that industrial-strength from the stainless steel flanges and matching threaded steel inserts that will reinforce the tubing ends. Whatever the use you have for it, this is able to give you an incredible amount of confidence in the stability of the pole.

Dance pole for home

If you’re looking go a dance pole for home then you will want to make sure that it fits in the required space. In order to get the best dance pole for you, the tubing can be custom-cut to match the space and get the exact amount of length you need.

Once you have the dancing pole installed, no maintenance is going to be required other than giving it a clean every now and again. A stainless steel dance pole will easily get smudged but the cleaning process is very easy and you’ll have it sparkling again just like a professional dance pole.