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KK65 Standard Horizontal Railing Base

This fitting is designed for palm fixing guardrailing and balustrading to walls, parapets, steps and ramps. Only available in size 6. The upright cannot drop through the socket. Ø indicates diameter of fixing holes. Should an upright be required to pass through the fitting, the base can be bored out to order.
Part Weight A D E F G H J diameter of fixing holes
65-6 1.67 lbs. 6 3.27 in. 3.78 in. 0.87 in. 2.64 in. 2.24 in. 0.87 in. 0.55 in.

Pipe Size
Unit Measure

Galvanized Steel
1" IPS
Lead time 1-2 weeks
Standard Horizontal Railing Base Galvanized Steel 1" IPS (1.38" ID)