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A100ID 1" IPS Aluminum Pipe Schedule 40

    • Aluminum Slip-On Pipe Fittings and PipeSpeed Rail(R)
The pipe is made of aluminum with a satin clear anodized finish.
The aluminum is a 6063 alloy with a T5 hardness rating.
    • Fittings are as strong as malleable iron but only 1/3 the weight.
    • Aluminum Alloy fittings can be used with galvanized carbon steel, stainless steel, black iron, or aluminum pipe, with no electrolytic corrosion. • Can be safely constructed around operating machinery with just a standard hex key.
    • Proprietary Internal/External Reverse Knurl Cup set screws drastically reduce loosening caused by vibration and resist pull-out and rotational slip.
    • All pipe is anodized aluminum.OSHA, IBC, BOCA, SBC, and UBC compliant nonmagnetic, nonsparking, corrosion-resistantAluminum Pipe, Schedule 40 Type, Nominal Pipe Size 3/4 Inch, Standards OSHA, BOCA, SBC and UBC, Aluminum, Internal/External Set Screw, Material Tensile Strength 30,000psi Lb, Resists Corrosion.

Pipe Size
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Aluminum Satin Anodized
1" IPS

1" IPS Anodized Aluminum Pipe Schedule 40 (1.049" ID - 1.315" OD - 0.133" Wall)
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Aluminum Mill Finish
1" IPS

1" IPS Mill Aluminum Pipe Schedule 40 (1.049" ID - 1.315" OD - 0.133" Wall)
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