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70S Modular External Coupling

This coupling is made to fit over 1-1/2" IPS pipe and it is made of cast Aluminum-Magnesium Alloy 535.


*Thermal Conductivity (@77F, SI units): 0.24 cal/cm*s*K

*Heat Treatment - Achieves its physical and mechanical properties as-cast (F). This eliminates the time and cost of heat treating.

*Machinability - Excellent machinability as-cast, excellent surface finish and high dimensional stability.

*Corrosion Resistance - Highest of any cast alloy. It can be anodized for additional corrosion protection to a 0.7 mil thickness (215R1).

*Weldability - It can be welded by any of the inert gas processes, T.I.G. or M.I.G., using filler rod of 5356 or 5183.

Pipe Size
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Aluminum Magnesium
1-1/2" IPS
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Modular External Coupling Aluminum Magnesium 1-1/2" IPS (1.94" ID)