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End Loop 2-Rail Anodized Aluminum 6063 T6 - Pipe Size 1-1/2" IPS - Top 32 ° Slope


Qty 2 internal splices sold separately.  Item# 08655 (70ES).

This is a pre-fabricated item. It requires 2 weeks lead time. Can be manufactured for three purposes. Please specify during checkout what type of railings you are using.

- Level: The level loop used for a level railings

- Upper: The upper loop is used on the top of a stail railings going down.

- Lower: The lower loop is uses at the bottom of the stair railings going up.

For the upper and lower, please specify the angle of the stairs, or provide us with the steps width and riser so we can calculate the angle for you.

A modular handrail system designed to meet the railing requirements for the Americans with Disabilities Act.

 An ADA rail is the framework of (usually) two horizontal rails supported by vertical posts, manufactured from fittings and pipe. This particular type of railing provides a continuous gripping surface throughout its length.

 ADA rails provide a grip to help support an individual with a disability. ADA rails are also used on ramps to help a person in/with a wheel chair, walker or cane safely go up the ramp.

 ADA rails are used by architects, engineers, contractors, safety managers, government installations, public buildings, offices, banks, schools, and anywhere a person with a disability would need to access, particularly where a ramp is required.

The ADA rail does not require a welder or detailed design drawings and can be assembled on site by standard labor. Materials are all aluminum and will not rust or deteriorate.