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A114 1.67" OD x 0.08" Wall Thickness Tubing (42.4 x 2mm)

A114 architectural round tube is available in stainless steel, has a 0.08” wall thickness, and is available in stock lengths up to 20 feet.


This tube can be used in a variety of applications including, but not limited to

·       Hand railing

·       Foot (bar) railing

·       Queuing railing

·       Curtain rod

·       Pony rail (mounted on top of a wall)

·       Bathroom vanities

·       Kitchen railings

·       Shelving systems

Hardware Included:

No hardware is included with this item.

Material Care:

Maintain a polished finish with metal polish, item# 00202. Apply with a soft, damp cloth.

Related Items:

Connect lengths of tube using our internal splice, item# 830.

Use adhesive, item# LB-00201 together with activator, item# 00211 to connect tube to fittings.


Lengths up to 8 feet can ship by UPS.

Lengths longer than 8 feet ship by LTL freight (truck).


The shipping cost for items 8 feet (96 inches) and over is notably higher because of freight carrier surcharges.  To avoid this additional expense we ask that you consider ordering a shorter length, if possible.  We can provide custom cut lengths just below 8 feet.  Contact us for details.

Call toll free at 877-810-4116 to talk to a specialist about your specific application.

Tubing Size
Polished Stainless Steel 316
1.67" OD
Ships within 24-48 hours
Local pickup available
1.67" OD x 0.08" Tubing - 316 Grade Polished Stainless Steel
Satin Stainless Steel 316
1.67" OD
Ships within 24-48 hours
Local pickup available
1.67" OD x 0.08" Tubing - 316 Grade Satin (Brushed) Stainless Steel