Saddle Posts

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Post Top Saddles

Perpendicular Collars and Other Connectors

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Let your railings stand out on sleek, reliable fixtures.

Saddle and connector hardware that’s manufactured with top quality materials and designed with decorative flair, that perfectly complements your railings. Saddles and connectors bear the most stress in a railing system and their choice demands no compromise with quality. That’s why you can bank on the strength of our products and exceptional quality of finishes that offer high corrosion resistance and last a lifetime.


  • The best way to attach your rails and posts without sacrificing style, adds to the look & feel.
  • Our extensive listing incorporates a variety of designs and sizes to match your exact needs.
  • Materials designed to last– brass and stainless steel with superior polished/satin finishes.
  • Self-drilling, self-tapping hardware included if necessary, else use Lido Weld for flush fittings.
  • Adjustable saddles excellent for mounting rails at variable slope angles, short and long posts help to meet the proper building code heights.

Post Saddle

Not many people know about, or even think about a post saddle. Which is a shame, considering how important post saddle brackets are to keeping structures upright. Mostly, post saddles are used to keep elevated structures such as decks and pergolas secure. The crucial role played by a post saddle is what makes their structural integrity non-negotiable. It’s also why we made sure to only source the highest-quality products that will stand up to the test of time.

When working with saddles, if you are a weekend DIYer and not a professional, please ensure that you have read and reviewed every step multiple times before setting cement. You want to make sure that your cement sets correctly around the post and has no air pockets. One trick to try is installing your post into cement while it is still wet, using an oversized nut and washer surrounded by the cement. When it dries, the post will be well-bonded to the metal, and you should be free of any air pockets.

Depending on what type of post (for example posts for cable railings) you are using though, each situation will be different. Again, be sure to have thoroughly reviewed your instructions before setting something as permanent as cement. And something as crucial as the safety of others. There are a variety of factors that need to be considered when undertaking a project of this magnitude, making it all the more crucial that you chose saddle connectors that you can trust for a lifetime.

Post Saddle Brackets

Post saddle brackets are the backbone of the post’s structural integrity. This is not an area you want to skimp on materials. Your saddle connectors must be safe and secure to ensure the safety of many people who will lean on railings and walk over posts that are being held together with the materials you picked out.

But just because these materials are safe and long-lasting, doesn’t mean their fashion has been sacrificed. We offer brackets in a wide variety of attractive finishes. From beautiful satin stainless steel for your posts, to polished stainless steel, to polished brass, and zinc. You’ll be able to find a bracket that fits your aesthetic while standing up to corrosion. Our saddles are also adjustable, making it a breeze to connect your posts and railings at whatever angle is necessary.

If you have any questions on these components and what you’ll need to finish your project, please do not hesitate to reach out either by online chat, phone, or e-mail.