Invisiware Receiver Stainless Steel 316. Length 2.40" For 1/8" or 3/16" Cable


The Tensioners That Are Hidden Inside The Post - Invisiware® Receiver with Invisiware® Stud

Concealed, swaged, tensioning, through-the-post-mounted fitting suitable for level and pitched runs. Receivers and studs are available for 1/8˝, 3/16˝, 1/4˝, 5/16˝, and 3/8˝ diameter 1x19 stainless steel cable.

• The Invisiware® Receiver with Invisiware® Stud can be used with any other fitting on the opposite end of the run.

• Fitting is placed and concealed within a pre-drilled hole in the metal end post.

• Receiver is furnished with a Delrin® washer that is installed between the shoulder of the fitting and the end post to protect the surface of the finish of the end post as tension is applied.

• Stud is swaged onto one end of the cable and threaded into the Receiver installed in the end post. Tension is created by rotating the Receiver (with a hex wrench inserted into its broached end) and drawing the stud into the Receiver.

-  For R-6-XX Tools needed: 29/64" drill bit