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47R Flange for Solar or Roof Mount

Hollaender’s Speed-Rail® fittings are used throughout the solar industry in conjunction with steel pipe to form solar mounting/racking systems. They are also used to mount permanent railing systems that meet OSHA and IBC codes.


One application where we have not had a good solution is narrow gauge metal roofs, containing 20 or 22 gauge corrugated steel structures. The majority of Hollaender’s flanges are designed to be attached to thicker structural steel or concrete using 2 or 4 fasteners. These flange designs will not work on narrow gauge corrugated metal where the load must be spread out further and where numerous fasteners are required.


Hollaender is proud to introduce the 47R-8 wide footprint flange for use in attaching solar systems and railings to narrow gauge metal roofs.


Features of this new flange:

·         A footprint of 6” x 8.5” will spread the mounting load over a larger surface.

·         (22) 5/16” mounting holes that will take ¼” TEK screws ensure adequate pullout force and torque resistance.

·         (2) Hollaender set screws are incorporated in the base to also ensure maximum pullout force.

·         The same flange can be used to mount roof attached railing systems and pass the IBC code of 50 lb per linear foot.

·         This flange is currently only available in 1 ½” IPS size. We will monitor demand to see if other sizes in 1 ¼” or 2” IPS are warranted.

Pipe Size
Aluminum Magnesium
Ships within 24-48 hours
Local pickup available
Flange for Solar or Roof Mount 1-1/2" IPS