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Hollaender’s more than 75 years of American-made experience and superior manufacturing technology results in the most reliable, durable, and high-quality products. Hollaender’s pipe fittings and handrail systems can be found everywhere you look. From rocket launch pads and complexes to oil rigs, from Hollywood movie studios and modern amusement parks to the fixtures in your favorite retail stores, and from water treatment plants to powergen facilities around the globe. SpeedRail® is a registered trademark of Hollaender®.


Hollaender manufactures a large selection of structural fittings that can be used with standard pipe to create various types of solar panel racking systems, both ground and roof. 



    Made in the USA with 100% US content
    • • The 535.0 aluminum-magnesium alloy used to make these fittings is the most corrosion resistant alloy available. Hollaender is supporting this fact with a 10 year warranty against corrosion on the fitting itself.

    • • This alloy is strong, lightweight, will not rust, and can be used with galvanized steel or other metals without concern for galvanic corrosion.
    Simple installation
    • • No bolts, only (2) set screws to tighten with a hex key

    • • Set screws have a proprietary internal/external knurled cup point that prevents loosening as long as torqued per specification.
    Quick shipment
    • • Stock available from our warehouse in Danbury, CT. Call us at 877-810-4116 with any questions.

Structural strength

Hollaender® fittings, when torqued to the settings indicated have the following support and holding strengths when attached to galvanized steel pipe:

Fitting size Torque (ft lb) Holding and support force w/2 set screws Holding and support force w/1 set screw
1 ¼” IPS 14 2000 lb 1800 lb
1 ½” IPS 17 2350 lb 1850 lb
2” IPS 17 3200 lb 1925 lb

The Hollaender Advantage

    Speed of Installation - Studies have shown significant cost savings when compared to the cost of welded handrail and other structures.
    Ease of installation - Only tools required are a saw, hex key and tape measure.
    Flexibility - Cast fittings can be used with galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and black iron pipe.
    Reusability - Structures fabricated with Hollaender fittings can easily be disassembled and reconfigured.
    Strength - Railing systems can be designed using standard Hollaender products to meet any building code.
    Time Tested - Products are backed by over 50 years of experience

Slip-On Pipe Fittings Speed-Rail®

Speed-Rail® structural slip-on pipe fittings have proven their reliability for more than 50 years with aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless steel and black iron pipe on installations around the world.

Speed-Rail® Features:
    •Aluminum Alloy 535 - Most corrosive resistant aluminum alloy available
    •High strength as cast
    •Bright attractive finish
    •Conforms to ASTM B26 & B179

Speed-Rail® Benefits:
    •"Kit of Parts" design allows for on-site assembly, easy to reconfigure when drawings do not match site
    •Unique "Industrial Chic" look is ideal for urban or industrial aesthetic
    •Installable by non-specialized labor
    •Anodized aluminum pipe and aluminum magnesium fittings are extremely corrosion resistant, allowing for the lowest long term maintenance cost

Typical Hollaender® Rail Installation