Wood Railing Frames - Construction Requirements

See important notes on the main Frame Requirements & Details page before beginning your project.

End & Corner Post Minimum Size

wood post cross-sectionThe end and corner posts need to be strong enough to support the full tension load of the cables; therefore, the minimum recommended size is standard 4" x 6" wood. The intermediate cable posts do not support any tension load and only need to be sized as necessary to support the cap rails and meet code requirements.

The Basic Frame Design

And Some Other Frame Design Options

Wood Railing Frames - The Details

Cable railings assemblies are strung horizontally and may either be terminated at corner posts or run continuously through the corners. (Note: Always install the Quick-Connect®SS fittings in the top stair post to prevent rainwater from running down the cable into the fittings.) Details of these conditions are shown below:

Running Cables Continuously
Through The Corners

Double Corner Posts

Terminating Cables At Corners

Single Corner Post - offset drill holes at least 1/2in.

Stair Post Termination -
Threaded Terminal Ends

stair termination: threaded terminal

Drill angled holes and use beveled washers.
Part #3799 for 1/8" or 3/16" Threaded Terminal.
Part #3792 for 1/4" Threaded Terminal.

Stair Post Termination -
QuickConnect-SS® Fittings

Drill angled 3/8in holes and use beveled washers #3792

Drill angled holes and use beveled washers.
Part #3792 for 1/8" QuickConnect-SS® fitting.
Part #3798 for 3/16" QuickConnect-SS® fitting.
Part #3798 for 1/4" QuickConnect-SS® fitting.

Protector Sleeves

Insert sleeve #3210 (for 1/8" & 3/16" cable - not 1/4") in all holes where the cable enters at an angle and would have a tendency to cut into the wood (e.g. stair transition posts or the outside faces of double corner posts).
Double Corner Posts

Stair Posts

Cover Panels

Exposed end fittings may be covered with 1in x 4in wood panels as a finish detail on the end posts

Counterbore Diagram

If desired, QC-SS posts may be through drilled at 5/6 in and then counter bored with the recommended QC-SS drill to countersink the fitting
All decks and railings are unique; therefore, slight variations in the installation procedures and frame designs may be necessary depending on your specific conditions. If you need assistance or have questions please give us a call at 1-877-810-4116.