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Finish off in style and seamless perfection.

These stylish plugs and caps will help you put the perfect finishing touches on all your handrails, making them feel seamless, while also providing protection at the ends and durability for your handrail. Made to match the finish and dimensions of your handrails, they will snap on effortlessly and stay intact for the lifetime of your handrail. Cap off your handrails in enduring style.


  • Snap-on handrail end plugs or caps that seal & finish the installation with clean polished looks.
  • Made from high-quality materials for weather-resistance, low maintenance & lasting beauty.
  • Attractive, smooth dome & machined designs and finishes that add a flush ornamental detail.
  • No drilling or bolting. Just snap-on for a quick, easy install with rubber seals or weld cement.
  • Effectively seals up your handrail and protects users. Easy to clean & maintain. 100% reusable.

End caps are necessary pieces as the finishing touch to jobs involving handrails, hoses, fittings, and lines that need protecting. No matter what situation you're working on, if you need an end cap, we have a wide variety to meet your needs.

Don't leave your hoses or lines exposed, allowing dirt, debris, and water to get trapped inside. Buying caps to seal off your lines and hoses will prevent moisture and mold build-up and ensure that lines are clean and sealed.

If you want the ultimate performance, you must protect your lines from the elements. Handrails need capping off for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is safe to those who may place a hand on a sharp edge. To stylishly finish off your handrails, peruse our vast selection of aluminum, plastic, and steel caps.

Whatever your need is, we have the end caps here to meet and exceed it. The finishing touches of an end cap are your last chance to put your unique stamp on your project. Here you can choose from a wide selection of aluminum plugs, steel plugs, and plastic plugs to find your ideal end cap to any project.

Have lines or critical fittings that need protection from contaminants? How about an oil line or turbo oil fitting? If you have a racecar, you must keep your cooling transmission lines and fittings clean, and you can with our vast selection of caps.

Some jobs require the use of caps made from heavy-duty steel, while others may not need anything more than a plastic plug. For the best of both worlds, an aluminum plug may be precisely what you need to get the job done and look good doing it.

Aluminum Caps and Plugs

Aluminum caps and plugs provide a clean yet rugged-looking style. The look of aluminum plugs features perfectly brushed edges and end caps. Aluminum is a lightweight, yet durable material ideal for sealing hoses and lines. Aluminum may be the perfect combination of durability, strength, and cost.

Plastic Plugs

For some jobs, you don't need the strength or expense of steel or aluminum. For those jobs, plastic plugs are a perfect choice. Plastic plugs are a more cost-effective way to get the job done. We have you covered with a wide selection of plastic plugs.

For a more heavy-duty job, we also offer steel plugs of all varieties. Our steel plugs feature strength and durability above all else, and are among the finest plugs you can find on the market. Steel plugs will reliably get the job done for sealing lines and hoses.

Don't be left on the job without a wide assortment of caps and plugs to finish off the job. Whether you're sealing a low-pressure job or a high-pressure job, we have what you need. For the most exceptional selection and the best deals, you've come to the right place to find caps and plugs that will fit both into your budget, and onto your project.