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The classic mark of a bar. The classical hallmark of service.

The bar service rail is a quintessential fixture that is both functional and climatically aesthetic. It helps designate a waitress stall station, creating a service space for your wait staff to pick up guests’ drinks, and distinguish the seating area for your customers. It’s loved on both sides of the bar table– by bartenders, who can work efficiently ensured that service areas are clear and functional. And by patrons, who welcome a familiar sight that helps them pick a good spot to enjoy their drink. The broad diameter railing, with its elegant 'candy cane' curve, easily mounts to the top and face of your bar, with the included mounting flanges. Available in a variety of durable, scratch-resistant finishes, our service bar rails will add to your bar’s atmosphere while keeping it functionally efficient.


  • 'Candy cane' style bar service rail in 1½" and 2" O.D. tubing that mounts to top & face of the bar.
  • Easily fit most standard bar configurations, helping in separating patrons from areas designated for table service pick-up, allowing servers to get in and out without being hassled.
  • High-quality materials with optimal utility wall thickness 0.05", including the mounting flanges.
  • Mirror polished finish in brass & stainless steel, also in brushed satin, to fit your bar’s décor.

Service bar rails are an iconic piece of history that has been in use in the bar and service industry since the early days of bars and pubs. From the popular stainless-steel bar rail to those beautifully crafted from brass, there are many styles to choose from that will ultimately help you to keep that vintage, homey feel we in the industry have grown accustomed to. The classic, well-known service bar rail is easy to use and quick to install. In fact, our rails simply mount to the top of your bar face, comfortably providing a cozy space that gives your servers that much needed space away from the customers.

No matter what the particular design or aesthetic you are trying to achieve, you will ultimately discover that a service bar rail is a cherry on top. Beyond its utility, a good rail adds a classy and sleek appearance to your establishment that separates the uninventive from the classy and stylish. From black with stainless-steel to a more classic brown wood with brass, you will find that no matter which style you choose, it will only add a new ere of elegance and function to your business. The following points illustrate the true ways in which the service bar rail is both helpful and convenient.

  • Provides a convenient buffer between guests of the bar and its waitstaff
  • Easy installation that allows you to quickly mount the service bar directly to your countertop
  • Boosts the speed and efficiency of your valuable staff
  • Available in several finishes for pairing with any style bar

Improving Efficiency with a Stainless-Steel Bar Rail

Of course, service bar rails are more than aesthetically pleasing, but more importantly, they ultimately serve a higher purpose. It’s safe to say, we have all been to the bar on a busy night where it is a struggle to physically reach the counter in order to get a drink. This sort of negates the purpose of going to the bar, right? Well, imagine working there, not being able to do your job for the very same reason. If your wait staff is dealing with these types of issues, a service bar rail is a tool you need to make everybody comfortable, with service running smoothly for all. When you choose a rail with stainless-steel construction, you are choosing more than just a rail. Ultimately, you are choosing a quality and long-lasting function that will revolutionize the service in your bar.

The Service Bar Rail in Brass for Elegance AND Purpose

If you are looking for a more classic selection to grace the counters of your bar, you might consider a service bar rail in brass. With a beautifully polished finish and sturdy construction, you can count on your rail to hold up as long as your bar does. With a bar service rail in brass, you are doing your bar a real favor by bringing a little bit of the past into the future. The old-timey spirit delivered by this retro accessory is practically unbeatable by other simple tools. Don’t believe us? Equip your bar with a high-quality brass service bar rail and watch as the feeling in your bar is completely transformed!