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Reducing Fittings

Offset Cross
Starting From: $18.84
Nu-Rail Modified Cross
Starting From: $17.62
Outside Corner
Starting From: $28.10
Starting From: $12.19
Starting From: $16.26

Handle your railing installation with ease and dexterity.

Speed Rail is a line of aluminum fittings that are designed to facilitate easily building any handrail or pipe-based fitting structure. And these fittings are 100% reusable– They require no welding, threading, drilling or bolting. Each fitting has reverse knurl cup point case-hardened set-screws that make it a breeze to assemble and disassemble and resist loosening once in place. When fully tightened using a ratchet wrench, these fittings can support an axial load of 2000 lbs per set screw with the set screw tightened to a torque of 29 lbs/ft.


  • Range of Hollaender Speed Rail reducing fittings to obtain joints in a variety of configurations.
  • Made from corrosive resistant, high strength Aluminum Alloy 535 with a burnished mill finish.
  • Reverse Knurl Cup Point Set Screw makes for excellent resistance against vibration-loosening.
  • Speed & ease of installation– just a hacksaw, hex key & measuring tape required to assemble.
  • Flexibility - can be used with any galvanized steel, aluminum, stainless steel and cast-iron pipe.