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Simplify your wire mesh and sheet metal fastening snarls.

Railing clips offer a simple, fast and effective solution for fixing wire mesh or sheet metal infills or covers to railing posts. These clips are strong, secure, and eliminate the hassle of using rickety, makeshift, or unsafe fastening. No more toe-nailing or twisted wires. Just a clean, easy one-man installation.


  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel double clips for attaching wire-mesh infilling and sheeting clips.
  • Clips to suit various rail sizes supplied with hexagonal head fixing bolts ready for installation.
  • Sheeting D-clips can be used to attach sheet metal infills, covers, or signs to individual railings.
  • It offers a clean, attractive look while providing well-clamped support without damaging rails.
  • Economically secure any type of infill panels (plyboard, perspex, etc) up to 25/64" thickness.

Steel Railing Clips

Galvanized steel railing clips are the perfect solution for attaching railing posts to sheet metal infills or wire mesh. Our steel railing clips are inexpensive, long-lasting, and simple to install. We also have a wide variety of sizes, ranging from three-quarter inches up to two inches of iron pipe size.

Our inventory features a wide assortment of rail clips, including double-sided clips, single-sided clips, and sheeting clips with and without hardware. Made from galvanized steel, our steel railing clips have been coated with a protective layer of zinc, ensuring strength and durability. Not only are our rail clips economical and convenient to use, they also offer an attractive, clean look that will last for years to come.

Rail Clips

The KK81 single-sided clips come in five different weights and measurements, head to our products page for more details. In addition, every single-sided rail clip comes with a hexagonal head fixing bolt. Similarly, our KK82 double-sided clips come in five sizes with a maximum diameter of 1.57 inches. Both double-sided and single-sided clips can secure an infill panel up to a diameter of 25/64 inches. The primary clip on both has a slot measuring 8mm x 15mm.

The KK79 sheeting clips we have available are used to affix profiled sheeting material to a steel pipe. When you buy a sheeting clip with the hardware you receive one roofing bolt measuring M6x50mm, one M6 lock washer, and one M6 square nut.

Our inventory of rail clips is meant to be all-encompassing for infill panels and wire mesh of all shapes and sizes. An inventory including panel clips in an assortment of sizes allows us to make sure that we have you covered no matter what you require.

If you’re having difficulty finding the exact size to meet your needs, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customer service is renowned in the industry for providing prompt service for precise measurements.

When you purchase from BuyRailings.com your order is shipped out within 24-48 hours, and we also offer local pickup for those in the area.