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Metal or wood spiral staircase kit

A spiral staircase can transform the look of a home or office. They provide a visually interesting feature that is stylish and can also give you a lot more space as they take up less room than a traditional staircase.

It has also never been easier to be able to build your own staircase with a wood or metal spiral staircase kit. Both options will look wonderful whether you are looking for an indoor or an outdoor spiral staircase kit.

A twist and a turn to take you to the next level in style

Look no further for a spiral or modular staircase in an easy to build kit form. Superb materials provide lasting quality with clean sculpted designs that elegantly complement both modern and traditional décors. These spiral staircase kits are affordable, compact, low maintenance, and designed with safety in mind. Assemble, and hop, skip, or jump up to the next level – on traditional classic twist-and-turn railings.


  • Spiral staircase kits with 13 adjustable rises, and corresponding railing pickets and handrails.
  • Fast installation, easy to assemble– will take two people less than a day with regular tools.
  • The small footprint of the frame makes it easy to fit into any design. Add on kit sections available to increase height.
  • It can be installed in either a clockwise or counterclockwise direction. No welding required!
  • Every option covered– indoor available in natural or walnut wood or metal. Outdoor available in metal.

A wooden spiral staircase

A wooden spiral staircase can bring a sense of romance and style to any space. There is something about the material that stands out and gives the area a unique feel that a lot of people love. There are many different types of wood though and getting the best materials is vital.

Not only can a wood spiral staircase kit fit in perfectly with a more traditional surrounding, but it will also look excellent in a more modern setting too. They have an elegance that suits every type of space available.

These spiral staircase kits are easy to install, even for those without experience assembling items. The indoor spiral staircase requires only regular tools and therefore you don’t have to worry about getting any expensive tools. Fitting the spiral staircase can be done by two people in less than a day.

A steel spiral staircase

If you’re looking for something outside, then you’re not going to want a wood spiral staircase kit. Instead, you’d be much better off with a steel spiral staircase that provides a high level of durability and weather protection.

A steel spiral staircase offers an affordable outdoor option in a modern style with a small footprint.

Installing an outdoor stainless steel spiral staircase provides a better option than untreated iron that tends to rust a lot more quickly than stainless steel. An iron staircase is simply not going to last as long unless it is properly treated and covered for corrosion protection.

Indoor spiral staircase

One of the best aspects of an indoor spiral staircase is that it takes up such little room. This can allow you to free up space within your house to be able to use it however you wish. Having a wooden spiral staircase can also add a lot of class to your room too.

There are also add on kits that allow you to increase the height of your spiral staircase if needed. Another great aspect of these kits is that they can be installed either clockwise or counterclockwise depending on your needs. No welding is required which makes it a very quick and simple process.

Metal spiral staircase

Our metal spiral staircase kits are reasonably priced and easy to afford. A steel spiral staircase requires minimal maintenance and is therefore ideal for outdoor conditions.

The spiral staircase kits come with everything that you need as they have adjustable rises with corresponding pickets and handrails. Once installed, you're sure to be satisfied.

Spiral staircase for sale

Whether metal or wood, a spiral staircase provides a great option to improve your interior or exterior space. Our affordable prices and high quality are sure to please.

Every option is covered with indoor natural and walnut wood, or metal railings that can be used either indoors or outdoors. Why wait? Consider buying one of our amazing spiral staircase kits and transform your space in no time at all!