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Glass Canopy System

The sky is indeed the limit, looking through a glass canopy.

Modern, with an edge of sophistication. Yet simple, with a clean design. Redefine your building entrances with our highly aesthetic and functional glass canopy system. Ideal for any doorway, window, balcony or uncovered space that can accommodate an overhang, this highly durable system offers protection from the elements, keeps the underlying area shaded and dry and adds a spectacular touch of architectural minimalism to the façade. Superbly designed high-quality stainless steel components offer easy installation and lifetime of low maintenance durability.


  • Simple, stylish frameless design provides unobstructed views and protection from weather.
  • The slope of glass is adjustable and can be configured for aesthetics and weather conditions.
  • Fittings made from high strength 316 marine grade stainless steel in a brushed satin finish.
  • Economical, elegant solution easy to install for both commercial and residential applications.
  • Use with locally sourced tempered monolithic see-thorough glass or laminated glass in a range of colors, textures or special effects to suit your building décor and light/shade requirements.