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commercial bike racks

Commercial Bike Racks

Aluminum Bike Racks
Starting From: $330.00

Let bikers access your establishment securely and comfortably.

Light-weight, heavy-duty. The wave rack offers a simple, compact solution to bicycle parking. Given the extensive variety of bicycles on the market, this straightforward design is the best answer to meeting bike parking demands effectively. It saves space, provides superb security and will also look great in front of your establishment. It is so affordable, you don’t have to look any further!


  • A clean, simple design with easy parking functionality that matches a wide range of bikes.
  • The 3-wave rack securely accommodates 5 bikes with U-lock between the frame & one wheel.
  • Made from heavy-duty 1-1/2" Schedule 40 aluminum anodized for a weather-resistant finish.
  • High strength removable floor flanges make for easy installation & provide structural rigidity.
  • An overall space-saving, rugged and economical bike parking option with looks & functionality.

When searching for commercial bike racks, you have multiple options to choose from, which can often make it difficult to decide which outdoor bike rack to purchase ultimately. Luckily for you, we have narrowed down your selections to only the best bike racks on the market. Whether you need a 5 bike rack, a 6 bike rack, or a floor mounted bike rack, we’ve got you covered.

The public loves to bike, and why shouldn’t they? Biking is one of the most fun and easy ways to regularly get exercise. Kids are learning to ride bikes every day, steadily increasing our population of bikers.

When out in public you need bike storage if you want to into a store for a quick bite to eat, on an errand, or for an impulse purchase. Your bike storage also needs to be able to handle a variety of bikes, from road bikes to mountain bikes, to everything in between, your bicycle racks must be versatile.

Say someone is biking outside your store and see that you have a commercial sale going on, but you don’t have an outdoor bicycle rack. You might lose out on a sale because the person couldn’t safely tie up their bicycle.

Outdoor Bike Rack

Commercial outdoor bike racks are essential for doing business in a downtown area. Some outdoor settings require a 5 bike rack, but if you have room for it, you may as well bump up to a 6 bike rack. The more people that can put away a bicycle, the better it is for everyone, from business owners to pedestrians alike. While six is better than five, the most common outdoor rack will be a 5 bike rack.

Floor Mounted Bike Rack

A floor mounted bike rack can help when space is an issue for your application. Installing from the floor allows for vertical bike racks, which can be effective space savers. Mounting from the floor also allows your commercial bike rack to be anchored down and secure.

Biking is one of the most popular outdoor activities, so it is vital that you have commercial bike racks that can handle multiple groups of bicycle enthusiasts at one time. An outdoor stand is what keeps a community pedaling safely and efficiently.

Bike Parking Stand

Sometimes big bulky commercial racks are too cumbersome, or too expensive for your application. In this case, a bike parking stand may be the perfect commercial solution. Or perhaps you’re browsing for your own personal bike room, look no further as we offer multiple options to choose from ranging from fun and exuberant, to classic and contemporary.

Bike parking stands come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials. Rest assured that we offer only the best of these options, and at prices that will agree with your wallet. Try a bike parking stand as an attractive way to organize a garage or a bike room.

Steel Bike Stand

A steel bike stand may be the ideal option for you if you don’t want to sacrifice quality but need to save space. We offered galvanized steel options that mount securely, look attractive, and stand up to the test of time.

You may be surprised to see how many options are available for steel bike stands. We have them all organized and available for your perusal. If you have questions about bike storage options, please feel free to reach out. We are here to help assist you in your bike storage needs, from hitch racks to wall mounts to surface mounting, everything you need is a click away.