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Looking for an easy way to organize your closet? Wall and door hooks allow you to keep clothing within reach, while purse hooks for closets let you display fashion items like ties, bags, and hats. Unlike drawers, hanging your items on a stainless steel closet hook lets you see all your options while preventing wrinkled or crushed fashion items. When you’re choosing the right closet hooks for clothes, keep in mind where you’ll be placing them, and how you need them to function in your home or office.

Types of Closet Wall Hooks

Closet wall hooks come in many shapes and sizes, but most are constructed with stainless steel, which offers a sleek design, high weight capacity, and durability. You can also choose different styles of closet hooks, depending on your needs. Here are a few popular options:

  • Recessed Closet Wall Hooks: These are a great choice for saving space. When you aren’t using your recessed closet hooks, simply click them back into place and they vanish into the wall.
  • Fork Hooks: Able to hold up to 3 items at once, these offer a convenient place to hang hats, jackets, sweaters or other outerwear that you want to keep easily accessible.
  • Butterfly Hooks: Butterfly hooks have a hinged design that lets you mount them flush with a wall, or on the inside or outside of a corner wall in your home. They are perfect for those tough-to-organize spaces.
  • Stainless Steel Latch Hooks: These durable closet hooks are ideal for shock and vibration applications to keep items in place.

Closet Rod Hooks

Closet rod hooks are usually in an S shape, though there are many varieties available today. The S style for closet rod hooks lets you hang items facing outward, instead of facing sideways like normal hangers. This makes it easy to hang ties or handbags and keep them in good condition. Plus, because they face outward, you won’t have to deal with bulky items like bags taking up too much space in your closet.

Closet Door Hooks

Hooks that attach to your closet door can add space both on the inside of your closet, and the external side of the door, facing your bedroom or office. They offer a convenient spot for the items you use most, such as sweaters or hats, without taking up room on your walls. Fork hooks are the most popular type of closet door hooks.

Before hanging a closet door hook, make sure your door is sturdy enough to hold not only the hook itself, but also the weight of any hanging items. Hollow doors may not be strong enough for heavy bags or coats, so be careful what you hang there!

Purse Hooks for Closet Use

Storing purses in drawers or on shelves can be problematic. When you stuff purses into a drawer or onto a high shelf, you can’t see your whole selection, which means you might forget about some of your best bags. Additionally, storing bags in this way can crush or wrinkle expensive fabrics, or cause scuffs on leather items. Using purse hooks for closet organization can help show off your purse collection, and keep them in perfect condition for your next night out.

Hooks with looks you’ll surely get hooked to!

Our range of heavy-duty hooks are slender and sleek, yet highly functional. Coat hooks, swinging hooks, latching hooks and retracting hooks, unique in design and made from high quality 304 & 316 stainless steel – These hooks are excellent for your walls, cabinetry, furniture, closet or any special application you can think of. Here’s high-end, yet practical storage in a compact package.


  • Hook hardware of various designs, simply great for use in bedrooms, bathrooms, and closets.
  • Heavy-duty load-bearing construction holds from 35-66 lbs mounted to solid wood or studs.
  • It provides abundant space for hanging items in tight spaces like entryways & laundry rooms.
  • Hooks in Japanese Sagatsune designs with metal finishes that impress as well as last for ages.
  • Ideal for hanging not just coats and clothes but hats, caps, bags, backpacks, purses towels, etc.

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