A Bar Is Not Complete Without Foot Railings

Posted On 25th July 2016

No matter if it is your home bar in your basement or the hottest new bar in New York City, a bar is not a bar without a foot rail. So what does your bar foot rail say about your bar?

Brass Foot Rail

The brass foot rail is the classiest of all bar rails. You can keep a clean look with tailored mounting brackets that have small details worked into them to enhance its beauty and add interest to the foot rail.

Polished Stainless Steel Foot Rail

If you are a modernist going for a sleek feel for your bar a polished stainless steel foot rail might be the way to go. This gives you an upscale feel without being overly traditional. This look would stand out on bars with white marble bar tops or any type of metalwork. Keep a minimalistic feel by using straight mounting brackets to create a floating look to your foot rail.

16 FT Bar Foot Rail Kit (Brass & Stainless Steel)

Satin Brushed Stainless Steel Foot Rail

This look is great for an industrial feel to your bar scene. Large lofts, old warehouses, and even your basement bar would look great with a satin-brushed stainless steel foot rail. The satin-brushed stainless steel doesn’t have the shine like the polished finishes and creates a more understated look to your foot rail. This looks great with a stained cement bar top and some great artwork on the front of the bar. Don’t forget stainless steel end caps to put the finishing touch to your foot rail.

The Trimmings

No matter the type of tubing you pick for your rail there are tons of ways you can make it your own. Different mounting brackets can create a feel specific to your tastes. Add end caps to finish off your railing so it meets your esthetics. If you are really looking to customize try mixing different finishes. Try a Satin Stainless Steel foot rail with Brass mounting brackets or a Satin foot rail with a Victorian Style mounting bracket. The possibilities truly are endless.

The bar foot rail is a detail you don’t want to overlook. It makes your guests comfortable, and it can give your bar the feel that you are looking for. Your bar is a place to relax with friends and enjoy a drink. Make sure your guests are comfortable by providing them with the perfect place to rest their weary feet.