Tips for Finding Perfect Low-Maintenance Porch Railings for Family Homes!

Posted On 2nd March 2018
Porch Railing

It is hard to imagine a family home without a front porch.

Not only do porches add charm and aesthetic appeal to your home, but they are also an integral part of the design. Here, families and friends meet and greet.

As homeowners, we are often too busy to take notice of the wear and tear that our porches experience. Unswept, unkept decks and rails that are constantly exposed to the elements, fall apart one minor detail at a time. And soon the cracks, rot, and rust become uncontrollable, rendering the whole area unsafe for use.

Considering that there are kids as well as elders residing at home, the risk of someone falling and injuring themselves over a totally avoidable cause is substantial.

This is why low-maintenance porch railings are a perfect choice for busy households. Keeping the house looking presentable and safe. Simultaneously.

Traditional Materials May Be Unsafe

Wood, wrought iron and concrete were the traditional materials used to construct porch railings. They do have immense appeal in defining the look of your home. However, it is important to realize that they are neither low-maintenance nor future proof.

Wood requires to be painted, polished and sealed to keep it looking good and to safeguard it from termite attacks. Wood mottles, rots and splits with age, and if it is not maintained well.

Wrought iron also requires to be painted and coated to fight rust and corrosion. The splints from the rusted handrails are toxic and can cause serious harm.

Concrete railings are often bulky and unappealing in appearance. When concrete is not maintained, patches of grass and moss can grow on it, making it slippery and highly hazardous. Moreover, when concrete chips or wears after heavy use, it can expose the underlying iron wireframe.

Spending on Upkeep

As homeowners, our number one worry is to plan, budget and manage our finances. The upkeep of a home requires huge funding as it is. Costs can add up fairly quickly, and things can become quite costly if improvements and repairs are required continually.

Therefore, it is essential to invest in materials that are inexpensive, low-maintenance and those that require little in terms of upkeep.

The Perfect Porch Railings for Family Homes

The advancements in today’s material sciences have made it possible for us to conceive of such super materials that are lithe and require no special protection. They are durable, can withstand the test of time and provide your home with superior support and strength.

Added to this are the technological advancements, that give the porch railings further enhancements. Such as better design for better grip and movement support. Suitability for long-term use in exposed areas with greater footfall. And, metalworking techniques that protect the materials from corrosion even in highly humid environments.

Here are the recommended railing types that leverage these advancements:

1. PVC Railing Systems

PVC railing systems match the look and feel of wood, and give you the durability and flexibility of vinyl. With that touch of quaint charm, that matches your home’s exterior.

Vinyl can last for periods longer than 40 years with absolutely no maintenance. Sections are structurally reinforced with aluminum extrusions. Unlike wood stair railing, vinyl is not prone to attacks by pests. It does not get affected by the weather. Further, washing or wiping down vinyl requires little effort or caution.

Try PVC for your next project. Our DIY Vinyl Railing Kits are comfortably easy to install.

2. Cable Railings

Cable railings are strong and efficient. They are made up of stainless steel systems that combine seamlessly. The result is a superb combination of strength and elegance that is befitting your home.

Stainless steel is not subject to corrosion and rusting.

Although, cable railings may suffer from one major drawback – They require tensioners to pull the cables taught, as the cables can slack and loosen over time. And this only disadvantage is removed from our cable railings, as our systems can combine concealed 'Invisiware' tensioners.

Check out our latest vertical cable railing options and be wowed!

3. Glass Balustrades

Glass can be an exciting option for your porch. It gives the area an expansive, spacious feel. And it makes for a great railing around your porch, showing off your garden or beautiful landscaping.

Although glass balustrades can be stylish, care needs to be taken that they match up to the architectural design of your home. Glass balustrades combine well with concrete porches. Also, you are required to plan for their installation as early as during the construction of your porch.

4. Contemporary and Offbeat Options:

Crossbar Railing Systems (with solid stainless steel infill rods) and Infill Panel Systems (with a diamond mesh made of stainless steel cable and ferrules), designed to be crisp and off the charts, are definitely worth your consideration. They can bring out your inner persona, adding a splash of character and intrigue to the porch and your modern home.

Finally, a word to the wise

Although the advancements in material sciences and technology have been significant, not all railings have borne the benefits. It is vital to consider all features, pros, and cons, before making a purchase. It is also necessary to consider buying from a trusted vendor. A lot of times purchasing from an assured vendor could mean huge savings on time and effort, and costly mistrials.