How to Install a Shower Curtain Rod

Posted On 3rd November 2020

Curved Shower Curtain RodIf you are looking to perform a shower curtain rod installation, you have come to the right place.

Installing a shower curtain rod is a simple project that any homeowner can perform. When done correctly, a shower curtain rod can add a hint of elegance to any bathroom.

Today, we will be covering tension rod installation and permanent rod installations. This guide will also cover a few related topics, including:

  • How High to Install a tension adjustable Shower Curtain Rod
  • How to install a Permanent Shower Curtain Rod
  • How to install a Shower Curtain Rod into Drywall
  • Where to hang a Shower Curtain Rod
  • How to install a Shower Curtain Rod on Tile

Altogether, this project should take less than an hour. Please read on for clear and concise instructions.

Needed Tools and Materials

The first step for any home improvement project is to gather all of your tools and materials. The exact items needed will depend on the type of installation. Here are some possible materials needed:

  • Drill and Drill Bit
  • Tension Rod
  • Rod with Support Brackets
  • Wall Anchors
  • Tape Measure
  • Stud Finder
  • Shower Curtain Hooks
  • Standard Shower Curtain
  • Pencil

You may not need all of these tools and materials, especially if you are installing a tension rod.

The Proper Placement of a Shower Rod

The first question you may be asking yourself is, “Where do you put a shower curtain rod?”.

To answer that question, you will need the shower curtain that you will be using.

Begin by holding your shower curtain up to the wall and note where the bottom of the curtain rests. A general guideline is to have the bottom hem around five inches below the top of your bathtub.

Adjust the shower curtain accordingly and mark the wall above the top of the curtain with a pencil. Perform the same measurement for the opposite side. These are the locations where you will install your shower curtain rod.

Installing a Shower Curtain Rod

To install a shower curtain rod, you will first determine the type of rod you will be using. A tension rod features the simplest installation process and is usable in most applications, including on tile and stainless steel. Otherwise, a rod with support brackets is common, especially with drywall.

After that, you will need to figure out the height at which your rod will be placed. Finally, you can execute the installation!

Installing and Adjusting a Tension Rod

Installing a tension rod is a simple process. First, adjust the tension rod until it is about one inch shorter than the span where it will be installed.

Hold one end of the rod against the mark on the wall that you made earlier.

Turning the rod counter-clockwise will allow it to expand and fill the space. Continue to turn it until it is tight and sturdy.

To adjust or remove the tension rod, just twist it clockwise until it releases. Once the rod is in place, attach the shower curtain using shower curtain rings and the installation is complete!

Installing a Rod with Support Brackets

Installing a wall-mounted rod is not a difficult process. To begin, use a stud finder to determine if there are any wood studs behind the installation point that you marked earlier.

If so, you can use the included hardware to screw each support bracket directly to the wall. Once each support bracket is installed, you can insert the shower rod, and you are done!

If there are no studs, you can use drywall anchors to support the brackets. Use a bracket as a template and pre-drill holes for your drywall anchors. After that, you can insert the plastic anchors into the wall.

Now you are all set to screw in the brackets and enjoy the sturdy support that the anchors provide.

Repeat this process for the other side and insert your rod into the support brackets. Attach your shower curtain using shower curtain rings and you are all set!

How to Install a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

If you have a curved shower, you will need to perform a curved shower curtain rod installation. Luckily, the steps are just about the same as a standard rod and bracket.

Some curved rods are adjustable while others are a fixed length. Fixed length rods are often sold in a standard six-foot length and can be cut down if needed. Make sure to measure the span and order the correct length of the rod.

The curved shower curtain rod installation height will be the same as the previous installation methods.

Begin by installing the support brackets in the same manner as a standard rod. If you require the use of anchors, use the support bracket as a template and pre-drill holes for the anchors. Then, insert the anchors into the holes and screw in your support brackets.

Now that your support brackets are installed, you can attach the curved rod. The exact attachment method will vary by the manufacturer, so check any documentation and instructions. Once installed, attach your shower rings and shower curtain for a completed project!

How to Install Shower Curtain Rod on Ceramic Tile

To install a shower curtain rod on tile, a tension rod is the best method to use. It is a simple installation process and will not cause any damage to the tile.

A permanent rod installation would not be recommended in this situation.

Where to Buy Shower Curtain Rods

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