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plastic shelf supports

Closet Shelving Systems

Get Organized with BuyRailings Shelf Solutions

If you hate having a disorganized closet, choose a closet system from BuyRailings to create the closet of your dreams. Our sturdy plastic closet shelves come with plastic shelf supports that can handle everything from heavy kitchenware to clothing, shoes and more.

Why get organized? A disordered home can lead to stress, making it difficult to know where things go or even find space to put new items. You may even find yourself buying items you already have because you weren’t able to see your current belongings amid the clutter. The closet organization gives you more storage space, so you can easily see, sort and arrange your belongings. Plus, our shelves can fit any home design and are easy to install, making them the perfect choice for DIYers.

Sturdy cabinet shelves are useful outside your bedroom closet as well. Our plastic closet shelves offer the support you need for any room in your home, from the laundry room to the living room, and even your reach-in or walk-in pantry. Additionally, using open shelves creates a functional storage space that adds to the design aesthetic of any room, and lets you put your books, dishes, or favorite pair of shoes on display.

Simple. Strong. Fast. And flexible.

That’s the Lido ABS Shelving System in 5 words. Its versatile and lightweight design makes the installation of a melamine shelf quick and clean. Organize any space to your own specifications. Installation is simple – All components include mounting hardware and DIY instructions. The shelves can support about 300 lbs, when installed with the included anchors and pins, that are concealed by the design, providing a clean pleasing finish. BuyRailings is the only retailer for this system.


  • Expertly designed, fully customizable shelving system for 12" or 16" deep melamine shelves.
  • High strength durable ABS plastic– each shelf bracket can directly support 150 lbs. Easy to clean.
  • Compared to standard metal brackets, Lido’s Cross-hatch design provides superior strength.
  • Installs in minutes directly to drywall or wood with anchors/pins designed to be concealed.
  • Great for closet wardrobe or walk-in pantry. Do-it-yourself instructions are available to download.

The Benefits Plastic Closet Shelves

Wire, wood and metal shelving systems are popular choices and come in a range of colors and styles. But plastic shelves come with additional benefits that make them the best choice for your storage projects. Here’s why we prefer plastic to other materials:

  • Plastic shelves are less prone to warping than wood, more stylish than wire and more lightweight and easier to install than metal storage organizers.
  • Plastic shelves are easy to clean; simply wipe down with a microfiber cloth, or use warm water to clean shelves where you store food.
  • Plastic closet shelves come in a range of styles and colors.
  • Plastic shelves are a great option for laundry rooms and storing cleaning materials because they are highly resistant to corrosion from cleaning agents.

Tips for Creating an Organized Closet Space

  • Clean out what you don’t need. Go through your closet or other storage space before you begin organizing, and decide which items to donate, dispose of or keep. This helps reduce clutter and give you a fresh start for your new space.
  • Measure carefully. Before you buy closet shelving systems, measure your space and plan out exactly where each shelf will go. This will help you save money, determine which materials you need (and how many to buy), and make installation easy.
  • Use shelves for shoes & handbags. These let you see your whole collection, making finding the perfect heel, flat or sneaker in the morning a breeze.
  • Store items by category, so you can quickly find what you need. This also makes it easy to stay organized as you add new items.
  • Choose shelf supports that can also hold your clothes rack for easy hanging clothing solutions.
  • Leave room in our closet design for hanging long clothing items, such as dresses and formal wear.

Why Do I Need Center Shelf Support?

Center shelf support is essential in creating strong, sturdy shelves that will last a lifetime. Depending on the width of your plastic closet shelves, your shelves may be prone to bending or warping over time, especially if you are using the center of the shelf to hold heavy items. Shelf supports add durability and enable your shelves to handle heavy loads without warping or breaking. Our plastic shelf supports fit 12” or 16” deep shelves for a variety of home storage projects.