Wooden Railing Design Ideas

Posted On 9th January 2020

There are many ways that a wooden railing can improve your home. They can add elegance and style to any space both indoors and outdoors. Here we take a look at some of the best wood railing ideas that are going to transform your home.

Transform your front porch with outdoor wood stair railing

Front Porch Outdoor Wood Stair RailingHaving a front porch can offer a great welcome into your home. One of the best outdoor wood stair railing ideas is to add a unique porch that will act as a stand-out feature. They give you extra space and can be a great space to dry off.

Thankfully there are many great wood deck railing design ideas and front porch wood railing ideas. These include using rustic deck railing with long handrails or even low deck railing which can act as extra seating space.

The wood railing designs for the front porch don’t stop there. Other great wood porch railing designs include diagonal cross balustrades and also putting up lattices that will give you a nice screen, and you could even grow plants on it.

You could then complete your porch with similar wood deck stair railing ideas.

Get a plant-topped deck railing design

If you want to have a touch of greenery then you can also have a pant-topped deck railing design. It’s a great alternative to exterior wood handrail designs as the pressure treated wood would be able to support plant pots which can add some excellent greenery to any outdoor space.

The deck railing design would look beautiful and you can choose plants where minimal maintenance is required. It would offer a unique take on post and rail fencing and you can even have it as a great alternative to a traditional fence with boring fence posts. It’s one of those deck railing ideas that would receive many complements but it may be instead that you’d prefer a different type of deck railings.

Install a grand staircase

If you’re aiming to transform the look of your indoor space then choosing one of the great wooden railing designs for stairs could be the way forward. You can either opt for a modern staircase with a curved railing or instead you could opt for more traditional wood handrail designs for stairs.

Having a branch-effect railing would be a way to bring nature into your home. There are many other great stair railing ideas such as using rope or you could also repurpose a real branch or reuse scrap metal. A staircase can be a wonderful feature of any home.

If you only need a small step then indoor wood stair railing designs are available to bring a unique sense of elegance and style to your living space.

Have a beautiful balcony

Another place where you can add beauty to your home is with wooden balcony railing designs. One eye-catching design is to mix up wood and glass, with wood a railing and glass in between the posts. Having a balustrade or lattice design can be visually stunning.

Similar to the wood porch railing ideas, your opportunities are going to be endless. You do have to consider where the balcony is and how it fits in with the rest of the home. Your wood handrail ideas might include painting them so that they blend in with their environment.

Unique wood deck railing ideas

There are much great wood railing or wood rail fence designs out there that are unique. One such idea would be to use wagon wheels between each post. This is perfect for anyone who loves old American culture or has a fascination with the wild west.

As we mentioned with the stairs idea, another great option is to use tree branches or ropes which give a real authentic feel when it comes to deck railing ideas. For more common railing design you could use a split rail idea or opt for one of the common horizontal wood deck railing ideas.

Wood railing comes in many forms and you’re only going to be limited by your imagination. If you don’t want to change your whole existing wooden railing then there are wood deck handrail designs that can change the look of your space such as a curved rail or something borrowed from nature.

A great indoor bar rail

One of the more fun indoor wood railing ideas is to have an indoor bar rail. This could be in the dining room, basement or outdoors. The wooden railing design would make a brilliant place to socialize and have fun at any time of the day.

Whether you’re looking for exterior or interior wood railing ideas, it’s a great way to have a unique feature in your home and bring everyone together. This can be done with a traditional wooden railing design but with a flat top in which to place your drinks.

You can also take inspiration from wooden handrail design in order to come up with wood chair rail ideas to compliment the bar. If you live in an area with a nice climate then wood deck railing designs would appeal where you can enjoy a relaxing drink in the sunshine.

Metal and wood rail fence ideas

As well as having beautiful wood rail fence designs, you also have the option of mixing up a wood rail fence with metal railing to have a combination of modern and traditional designs that can end up looking breathtaking.

You have many options including using the galvanized pipe, stainless steel welded mesh or even wire railing. You could even have a traditional split rail fence and combine it with a unique metal pipe in the form of iron railing. The options are endless but the result can be quite striking.


Wood Deck RailingWhether you’re looking for wood deck railing ideas, wood deck handrail ideas or even wood stair railing ideas we’ve only looked at a small sample of the options available to you’re here. Having traditional wood deck railing is a simple and effective way to improve the look of any household.

If you’re thinking of bolder wood railing ideas then having a grand staircase is sure to wow any visitors that come to see you. The same effect can be found on a wooden balcony which would be a wonderful way to relax after a hard day. They also act as amazing central features of any home.

Away from those more grand ideas, you could simply have a beautiful wooden rail porch or a wooden railing fence which looks a lot nicer than the boring type of fences that you see in almost any home. If you're looking for something unique, then plant-topped railing or a wooden rail bar would be fantastic additions to your home.

Whatever idea you choose, you’ll be able to get whatever you want and you’ll be only limited by your imagination. Here we have looked at some brilliant wooden railing design ideas and all that’s left is your you to take the next step and make your home more beautiful and elegant.