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QS-65 M10 - Fisher Highbond Anchor 304 Stainless Steel Length 3-6/8"


Ships within 24-48 hours
Local pickup available
UnitMeasure: Each

Approved for: Cracked and non-cracked concrete C20/25 to C50/60
Also suitable for: Concrete C12/15 For fixing of: Steel constructions,Railings,Staircases,Gates,Facades,Window elements or Stand-off installations.
Reduced anchorage depth for use in thin building components, therefore reduced drilling effort.
Suitable for pre-positioned and push-through installation.
QS-32 Made of stainless steel of the corrosion resistance class III e.g. A4 for outdoor use and in damp conditions. Highly corrosion-resistant steel of the corrosion resistance class IV e.g. 1.4529 for applications in aggressive atmospheres (e.g. tunnels, swimming baths).