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R-6-62 Invisiware Receiver Stainless Steel 316. Length 3.56" For 1/8" or 3/16" Cable


Ships in 1-2 days
UnitMeasure: Each

- Tools needed: 29/64" drill bit

Easy to install
Slide the Invisiware® Receiver into a pre-drilled hole in the end post. The inside of the Receiver is female-threaded to accept the male-threaded swaging stud (below) that is attached to the cable. The head of the Receiver is broached for an Allen wrench. To tension the cable, simply insert the Allen wrench and rotate the Receiver around the male threads to draw the stud and cable further inside the Receiver. When installed, only the head of the Invisiware® Receiver is exposed on the outside of the post.

Use with metal or wood — on level runs or stairs Invisiware® Receivers are used with pipe and metal tubing.
Pipe ends are counterbored, so the full perimeter of the head rests on a flat surface in the pipe. The head rests on the outside wall of a flat-sided metal post. A plastic washer is included and acts as a scratch-resistant barrier between the head of the Receiver and the metal post.

For use in wood, the Invisiware® Receiver can rest against the outside of the post or the post can be counterbored with the Receiver recessed in the post. For wood applications, also order 7/16SAE stainless steel washer you do not have to drill your holes at an angle to use Invisiware® Receivers on stairs or severe pitches up to 35 degrees.