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CR038 3/8" Stainless Steel 316 Grade Cable (Sold by the foot)


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The usual choices for railings and architecture applications are uncoated 1/8", 3/16" diameter 1x19 cables of type 316 stainless steel. The reasons: strength, durability and weather-toughness.

Cable Diam: 3/16"
Construction: 1x19
Type: SS-316
Minimum Break: 4183 lbs.
Safe Workload Limit: 837 lbs.

Cable Diam: 1/8"
Construction: 1x19
Type: SS-316
Minimum Break: 1869 lbs.
Safe Workload Limit: 374 lbs.

*Safe Workload (20% of breaking strength) is the maximum load which should ever be applied to a cable. The Safe Workload, not the Minimum Break, should always be load level used when designing and engineering custom cable assemblies.