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Aluminum Partition Systems

Light duty advantage. Long duty performance.

When you need a simple, yet elegant partition solution, go for this modern Aluminum partition system. Ready-to-fit with well-designed high-quality aluminium posts that superbly match with light acrylic or resin panels. Easy to erect and assemble. This is the perfect system for your partitioning requirements, with a great appearance at a great price, and the just the right structural rigidity.


  • Satin anodized finish, giving an aesthetic feel close to that of stainless steel.
  • Light and convenient. Weighs less than half of a stainless-steel + glass system of the same size.
  • Quick, easy installation with mounted panel clips, base flange, cover plate and a plug-in top.
  • 5” Tube-form Posts offer maximum visibility and transparency for clear, unobstructed views.
  • Durable performance for a lifetime, and 100% recyclable beyond.