The Top Ten PVC Railing FAQs 

Posted On 20th August 2018

PVC railings are durable, affordable and maintenance-free! There is overwhelming evidence supporting this. They are superior to conventional materials in every respect. The DIY PVC railings are incredibly easy to install and maintain. Thousands of satisfied customers sing praises of their unique appeal and versatility.Here, in this blog-post, we answer the top 10 FAQs that you may have about the product and let you decide on your own!Q1. PVC vs. Wood- What is the comparison? Why should I opt for ...

Spectacular Terraces and Stylish Balcony Ideas Using Railings 

Posted On 13th August 2018

Whether it is a period home with stately terraces and balconies, or a modern house with chic and elegantly designed recessed spaces, or even a contemporary home with a variety of materials and textures, the railings are a defining feature. They deliver that feeling of comfort, safety, protection and privacy without making the facade look cloistered.Railings that gel with the overall design, that can be retrofit into a home after matching its existing features, enhance its appeal. Of course, the ...