Can Railings Increase the Value of Your Home? 

Posted On 16th April 2017

Can Railings Increase the Value of Your Home?There is nothing wrong with investing in your greatest investment: your home. When it comes to increasing the value of your home, railings may seem like a minor detail, but they can actually have a significant impact. In fact, investing in attractive, high-quality architectural railings throughout the interior and exterior of your home can boost your home’s value. Wondering why? Let’s take a look.Outdoor Railings Can Enhance Curb AppealThe ...

Railing Ideas for Your Home Deck 

Posted On 14th April 2017

Whether you are renovating your deck or starting from scratch, you have a lot of choices during the planning process.  One of those many choices is what type of railings to use. It seems like a small detail, but your railings are what truly give your space character—and the chance for some creativity!Ultimately, there is really no completely right or wrong railing choice, but certain options can work better depending on your deck’s style, needs  and your vision for it. Here ...

Railing Safety Practices for Pets 

Posted On 3rd April 2017

Having high-quality railings on your property is important for safety, especially if your building has more than one story, a high deck, or a balcony. However, since railings are designed for human protection, it doesn’t mean they will work the same for the beloved pets at your home or place of work.Since pets aren’t aware of dangers in the same way as you and I, there are some extra safety measures you should take into account to make sure best friend doesn’t danger themselves ...