Wire Mesh Panels: Everything you need to Know

Posted On 9th November 2020

Wire mesh infill panels are a great addition to railing systems, adding a decorative appearance while providing a level of safety.

Heavy-duty steel mesh provides a sturdy barrier for both people and animals, with the material often being used in zoos, farms, and other animal applications.

Wire Mesh Panels

Engineers and architects often choose heavy-duty wire mesh panels in large projects because of the material’s visibility and durability.

Most manufacturers, including BuyRailings.com, allow customers to supply their size specifications, as the panels can be created to fit any size or shape.

BuyRailings only uses the highest quality materials, such as 316L stainless steel, for their wire mesh panels.

The panels can be used in a large variety of applications, a few of which we will cover today.

There are also some important things to consider before purchasing, so keep reading for everything you need to know about wire mesh panels.

Steel Mesh Panels Vs. Rolls: What to Consider

Rolls of mesh paneling can be a tempting proposition, as the price per fence is usually a bit cheaper. However, there are a number of reasons why custom wire mesh panels are a better option than rolls of mesh.

First, the rolls of mesh fencing are usually manufactured using powder coated wire mesh panels. The powder coat, while being an adequate heavy-duty wire mesh, will not provide the same longevity and durability as stainless steel.

Also, cutting your own panels for a roll of mesh will never have the same high quality look as a custom-manufactured metal mesh panel.

When you purchase panels through BuyRailings.com, they are created exactly to your specifications, ensuring a seamless fit. Not only that, but the time savings are well worth it.

When you order through a custom manufacturer, you don’t have to endlessly measure and cut your own pieces. All of the tedious work is done for you and you just have to install them!

The material you choose to use for your wire mesh railing infill panels is an important consideration. Galvanized wire mesh panels, stainless steel panels, and vinyl-coated wire mesh panels are all very popular.

However, stainless steel wire mesh panels are the best material for most applications, due to its strength and weather-resistant properties.

BuyRailings only uses 316L stainless steel, known as the highest quality stainless steel. You will be able to enjoy a strong and rust-free barrier system for years to come.

Architectural Wire Mesh Panels

Metal wire panels can add decorative flair and safety to any outdoor area. If you choose to install it into an existing metal railing system, the wire mesh railing infill panels will fit seamlessly, provided they are installed correctly.

And once they are installed, you can truly “set it and forget it”. They should not require any maintenance and will stand up to the harshest of weather conditions.

The panels can also be used as decorative wire mesh panels, for either indoors or out. Plant walls can be created by using the mesh panel as a trellis.

The panels can also be used to separate a room, while still providing visibility. If you have an unprotected outdoor deck, wire mesh deck railing panels are definitely an option. The panels are a great way to add safety while providing a modern, industrial atmosphere.

Heavy-duty wire mesh panels are extensively used in many different commercial applications. The material can be used as wire mesh security panels, such as to separate visitors from dangerous areas of a business. They can also be used as a barrier to separate foot traffic and vehicle traffic in a warehouse, leading to fewer injuries in the workplace.

Doors can be constructed that create a barrier to an entrance while allowing visibility through the wire mesh for maximum safety.

BuyRailings.com offers two styles of mesh infill panels: classic round over-the-frame or modern securely clinched in-frame Webnet panels.

The clinched in-frame style works exceptionally well with modern decor, especially in restaurants and other businesses. Outdoor queue lines and patio enclosures for restaurants are easily achieved using the mesh infill panels.

The classic over-the-frame style fits in well with outdoor areas, such as nature walking paths. They can also be used in areas where style is less of a concern, including safety applications in factories or when used in a zoo or farm.

Zoo and Farm Applications

Zoos often utilize mesh panels to create safe and secure habitats for animals, while allowing visitors to see through and enjoy the animals. The same zoos often use wire mesh panels to line their walkways to keep a uniform appearance in their park.

On a farm, wire mesh door panels are often created for chicken coops and rabbit runs. This allows adequate airflow and views of the animals while keeping them safe and corralled.

Entire pasture fences could also be created, and the panels are tough enough to hold in large animals such as goats and cattle. The panels can also be used to keep animals out of a garden area, such as in this video.


If you are looking to add safety and a satisfying appearance to your railings and walkways, wire mesh railing infill panels are a perfect choice. When ordered through BuyRailings.com, your panels will be custom created to your exact specifications. And these are not heavy wire mesh panels - they are lightweight and easy to install yourself.

The panels are actually used in a variety of applications. This includes commercial uses in restaurants, factories, hotels, zoos, parks, and other businesses.

The wire panels can also be used in many different at-home projects, such as deck railings and garden trellises. The only limit is your imagination.

When you are ready to make an order, get in contact with the specialists at BuyRailings.com. They will work with you to ensure that your panels are crafted to your exact specifications.

In addition, they provide a variety of other architectural materials and kits, such as booth dividers and partitions, railing systems, and more. They are here to help you complete your projects in a safe and beautiful manner.