Why You Should Consider a Resin Partition System

Posted On 15th February 2017

A resin partition system is an excellent option for any home or commercial space, helping create privacy and a modern aesthetic. Typically, a resin panel is held between two posts with two-piece panel clips on each side. So, why should you consider a resin partition system? Let’s take a look at what resin partition systems have to offer.

Flexibility Aesthetically Pleasing Easy to Install

Resin partition systems are available to suit a number of configurations. For example, booth partitions can give customers in your restaurant a bit of privacy, and pillar and post resin systems can partition an office space into different rooms. You can also use a resin partition system as architectural railings in order to create privacy.

Aesthetically Pleasing

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Resin partition systems are not only functional and practical but they also look great. Resin panels are available in a number of colors and designs, so there is something for every space, whether residential or commercial. You can even customize the resin panels with a unique graphic design or with earthy particles actually embedded within the resin, such as coffee beans.

Easy to Install

Luckily, installing a resin partition system is pretty simple. You can order a partition support system, available in Polished or Satin Stainless Steel, Aluminum and Galvanized Steel. You can customize the posts in this support system to the height you need. You will also need panel clips and resin panels, which can typically be purchased in thicknesses of 1/4 inches and 3/8 inches. Once you have these things, installing a resin partition system is a breeze.

A resin partition system can be a great option for your home or business. Before purchasing your system, it is important to do a bit of research to figure out which type of resin partition system meets your needs and preferences, as there are a number of sizes, options, and designs available.