Why Choose Hollaender Railings

Posted On 27th February 2015

No matter the industry, from rocket launchers to Hollywood studios to amusement parks, retail outlets, and water treatment plants, the 75-year old Hollaender piping, railing, and walkway products ensure safety in the workplace. On our Web site, you will be able to find Hollaender Speed Rail and Hollaender Interna Rail products at some of the lowest prices you will find anywhere.

For people whose careers depend on working around dangerous equipment or for those who must climb rooftops or sides of buildings, Hollaender provides the necessary safety equipment to help workers finish their projects safely.

What makes Hollaender railings unique is that all of its products have been designed to prevent any corrosion or rusting so that any railing or piping system on a stairway on a roof or catwalk will safely hold personnel. According to Hollaender, their products consist of “…aluminum/magnesium alloy 535 which Hollaender uses to manufacture all cast fittings is the most corrosive resistant casting alloy available and can be used with any type of metal.”

The 535 alloy enables the following, according to Hollaender engineers:

  • Most corrosive resistant aluminum alloy available
  • High strength as cast
  • Conforms to ASTM B26 & B179

Firstly, the Hollaender product line offers a wide range of corrosive resistant aluminum piping that slips easily into place for simple deployment purposes. Along with its piping, Hollaender provides all the necessary peripherals that a business would need from clamps to wall brackets – also made of strong materials that are mostly weather and rust-resistant.

Hollaender says they offer a choice of mill, anodized, or powder coat finishes for all slip-on fittings for the aluminum piping. Hollaender’s structural slip-on fittings are also available in“safety colors” such as bright reds and yellows.

In addition, Hollaender provides railing systems, modular handrails, and walkways that comply with OSHA standards as well as the Americans with Disabilities Act or ADA. Their ADA-compliant railings ensure that anyone in a wheelchair, walker, crutches, or cane can safely move about.

Company engineers recommend that while the material is highly corrosive resistant,”…for the most extreme environments, we recommend that the fittings be anodized and that stainless steel set screws be used. The anodizing process creates a coating, which is not only harder and more corrosive resistant than the base metal, but also provides significant resistance to staining.”