Three Questions to Ask Before You Buy Deck Railings

Posted On 25th February 2015

Adding deck railings to your home is one of the smartest decisions you can make to enhance safety and increase the value and desirability of your home. However, there are a few questions you might want to consider before you invest in a new deck railing system…

1. Do you want to Paint?

Some railings are specially-UV-treated such as QuickRails where you never have to paint (and they recommend against it) – no matter the weather. Even rough winters or hot summers will not affect the finish. However, many people like to paint their railings so they can choose the color and finish. Keep in mind the type of railing you want. The ones that are treated (such as aluminum and vinyl) meaningless touch-ups – but you may only have a few colors and styles in which to choose versus a more traditional wooden railing.

2. Are you able to handle the upkeep?

As mentioned above – the upkeep of your railings is important and will depend on the kind of deck railing you choose. In some cases there could be considerable upkeep such as monthly paint touch-ups and replacing pieces here and there (especially if you have wood railings as wood rot is common no matter how meticulous you are and the kind of paint you choose). Some companies offer railings that need very little work (maybe a simple hosing down or damp cloth). Make sure you know what you are getting into before purchasing the deck railings and how much effort you want to invest in the upkeep of your rails. Most deck railing vendors offer information on the upkeep (moderate to high) and will recommend (based on the region you live in – rainy versus desert versus big city) what kinds of rails to choose for the least amount of work.

3. Have you thought about safety?

Decks railings not only look attractive they can add a safety feature for your decks. If you have a raised deck, for instance, railings with smaller openings or even glass may be safer. Ensure that any deck railing system you purchase complies with both the international residential Code and the International Building Code as well as has a lifetime warranty. We offer a guide on how to install cable railings for your convenience.