Thinking about using ADA Interna-Rail System for your next commercial project

Posted On 12th March 2017

The Interna-Rail Aluminum Handrail systems are strong, durable, versatile and striking in appearance. These systems can be paired with several infill systems to create just the right look and style for many purposes. For example, clear tempered glass can be paired with this system to give a secure and open look at your commercial project. Use a powder-coated frame with a powder-coated wire mesh to create a look that tells people not to enter.

Features and Benefits

There are many benefits and features of using the A.D.A. Interna-Rail System for your next commercial project. These include the idea that the In-line fittings give the project a smooth appearance. That makes it create an expensive-looking final appearance without the price tag of an expensive system. The system uses fitting bases that allow it to be reconfigured to fit various site conditions. This allows it to be versatile enough to work in the lobby or along with the high rise platforms on the exterior. The material of these Interna-Rail systems is more durable than steel which allows them to withstand corrosion. This leads to less maintenance in the future. The system can be used in all weather conditions without wear and also in high-water areas.

The connecting pieces are available in multiple angles to allow for versatility. Each fitting is designed to be assembled and customized to the exact specifications of the job.

How Does It Work?

A hole is drilled in the pipe and a tubular rivet is then inserted. A special rivet nut tool is used to put a crimp in the tubular rivet to keep it secure inside of the pipe wall. Then once the fitting is in position, the vertical pipe is attached and secured with a socket head cap screw. Flush-fit end caps are used to create a seamless look.

The best part is that the vertical posts and complete systems can be created specifically for the project. All of the fittings come with the necessary hardware for the job. A hex wrench will connect the socket head cap screw to the tubular rivet. While the horizontal pipe is being connected to the fittings, it can be held apart with the knurled stainless steel set screws. The tubular rivet maximizes the secure fitting because of the thread engagement. The pieces fit together in a way that allows the entire system to look seamless and be durable.

Interna-Rail is a perfect solution for industrial and commercial railings. The system can also incorporate infill panels, so there is a lot of versatility in design. Add a glass infill to areas where you want a more open look and metal mesh to areas where you want a more modern and industrial look. The possibilities are vast and that makes this a perfect choice for commercial establishments.