Spectacular Terraces and Stylish Balcony Ideas Using Railings

Posted On 13th August 2018

Whether it is a period home with stately terraces and balconies, or a modern house with chic and elegantly designed recessed spaces, or even a contemporary home with a variety of materials and textures, the railings are a defining feature. They deliver that feeling of comfort, safety, protection, and privacy without making the facade look cloistered.

Railings that gel with the overall design, that can be retrofit into a home after matching its existing features, enhance its appeal. Of course, the price and quality considerations also play a part. But what we have to show you today will ensure that there are no big compromises.

1. The Transparency of Glass

The sheer transparency and magic of glass makes it a brilliant addition, either as a balustrade or as an infill inside steel railings. When added to your balcony or terrace it renders a horizontality to the design.

The glass allows light to stream into the spaces, thus giving small enclosed balconies a spacious appeal. In high-rises, it also allows you an uninterrupted view of the surrounding cityscape.

2. The Durability of PVC

PVC can mimic wood in its texture, finish, and structural detail. However, it remains the most durable railing system. Given the assortment of textures and colors PVC is available in, it can easily blend in with the surrounding materials without detracting from the core design.

PVC is an interesting material that compliments absolutely all styles of architecture. And, because of its high durability, you can be assured to enjoy the splendor of PVC Railings for the longest time.

3. The Appeal of Aluminium

Aluminum is a highly desirable material around homes, and so are aluminum railings. Not only is aluminum versatile, corrosion-free and attractive, but aluminum railings also come in a range of designs and patterns that make the façade shine.

On terraces, aluminum rails that run along the perimeter give it a touch of sophisticated modernism. The neat and clean finish can exaggerate minimalism and simplicity. The more intricate designs can make the area look industrial and exotic. Galvanized Cable Railings are an interesting commercial alternative along the lines of the aluminum railing aesthetic.

4. The Shine of Steel

Steel railings are essential not just for transforming the outdoor spaces into cozy and private nooks, but also as necessary safety and security elements. And steel railings can definitely be trusted for their superior strength and robustness.

The choice of infills on offer – cable, glass, crossbar, and the most contemporary – diamond mesh infill panels, means you can boldly complement the architectural style of your balcony. You can mount the railing posts on the edge of the floor or get more dramatic by mounting the posts on the façade, using fascia mounts posts – which will even extend your floor space by a few more inches. Rectangular line posts and square line posts quadruple your choices and you will be hard-pressed not to find your pick of railings from one of these modern designs.

Whether you have a period property or more of contemporary design, steel can seamlessly blend into any setting. In a satin finish or polished chrome, with bars or cables, steel offers a variety of options in terms of styles.

5. Away from the Traditional

Balconies and terraces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They can be on the second floor of a luxurious suburban home, or on a tiny apartment building overlooking the urban sprawl. A few spaces are customized and some are plain spread out.

Without a clear idea of how that space is going to be used and organized, you can be at a loss. But regardless of the questions, you have to be able to make the most of it.

Traditional materials, such as concrete pillars, are bulky and occupy too much space. Wrought iron railings, although pretty, do not incorporate the advances in material sciences that some of the other materials do. Similarly, wood too has issues with pest infestation, fracturing and splitting, as well as weathering.

Considering the alternatives, we suggest in this blog is a wise choice on all counts. Many a time it will also translate to an economically viable and mature choice.

6. Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

A few months ago, we wrote a blog post on “Bring Back the Sparkle - Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Your Railings” This post contains tips essential for maintaining any railing system that you choose for your home.

The “Other Maintenance Tips” section of this post includes details for all considerations you would need to make in order to maintain your railings. Do take a read!