Shower Curtain Rod FAQ

Posted On 9th November 2020

Are you thinking about buying a shower curtain rod? Before completing the purchase, you might want to know more about these products.

Check out our FAQ to discover answers to the most common questions asked by users!

How to Hang a Shower Curtain Rod

If you are choosing a shower curtain rod, you can pick between one of these categories:

  • Tension rods
  • Fixed rods

Tension rods are convenient because you don’t use any hardware in the process. That makes it a good choice for renters and those who want a quick solution.

On the other hand, a straight rod and other fixed units are mounted onto the wall to provide a strong and stable solution.

How to Put Up a Shower Curtain Rod - Tension

  1. Use a tape measure to see how much space there is between the two walls. If you are wondering how long a shower curtain rod is, the answer is around 72 inches. Experts recommend buying a bit longer rod as a precautionary measure.
  2. Turn the ends of the product to extend it about two inches longer than the measured distance.
  3. You can determine the height if you hold the rod against a wall. The approximate height is six inches above the shower head. Mark the position where to mount the product.
  4. Mount the rings on the curtain and place the rod in the desired position.

Steps to Installing a Fixed Rod

  1. Determine the desired height for your unit.
  2. Check if the drywall has any studs behind it. That is a safety step when installing a curved shower rod. If you can proceed, go ahead with pre-drilling the holes, and add a wall anchor if necessary.
  3. Screw the wall anchors into the holes and use screws to secure the wall flanges.
  4. Mount the curtain rings onto the rod and place it in the holes. Now, adjust your shower curtain and liner the way you see fit.

How to Tighten Shower Curtain Rod

Did your metal shower curtain mount fall out from its position?

Here are the steps to fix the problem with a simple home improvement project:

  1. Take off the rod so that you can access the mounts. Use a hammer to straighten the mounts if possible. You can also use needle-noise pliers for ironing out any bends.
  2. Use a suitable drill bit to drill the drywall at the bottom and top of the previous hole for the rod. Grab a plastic anchor and use a hammer to insert it in each hole you drilled.
  3. Place the shower rod over the anchors and use suitable screws to tighten the mount.

How to Adjust a Shower Curtain Rod

Here is what you should do to remove a shower curtain rod:

  1. Identify the joints between the two halves of your straight or curved rods. Move the hooks to the sides to get a better grip.
  2. Turn the rod counterclockwise to release it from the position. Do that with both sides of the rod.
  3. Unlock the rod and take it down or move it to the desired location. Make sure you are careful when determining how high the shower curtain rod should be.

Should the Shower Curtain Be Opened or Closed After You Finish Showering?

That is a good question, and the experts suggest that you leave the curtain open for a while after you finish showering.

If you do that, you secure better ventilation, which will reduce the risk of mold appearing. Depending on the bathroom, 10-15 minutes should be enough.

How to Keep Shower Curtain Rod from Falling?

Whether it is a standard size curtain or any other, it might be prone to falling out from its position.

A neat trick is to use felt furniture pads. These are affordable solutions, but they do an excellent job. You should unmount the rod, attach the pads to both sides, and put the product back into position.

The idea is to prevent the rod from moving and falling out from its place.

How to Remove Rust from Shower Curtain Rod

Are you wondering how to get the rust off of a curtain rod? There is a simple trick to remove rust:

  • Start by using a damp towel to get rid of any dirt or soap.
  • Grab some white vinegar and aluminum foil. Dip small chunks of foil and rub the rod. You will notice how shiny the rod becomes.

Many users apply some car or coating wax to the mount to ensure it is more resistant to rust.