How to Save Money on Your Commercial Railings Projects

Posted On 9th April 2018

If you’re planning to add or replace your current commercial railing systems and concerned about costs, that’s normal. It can potentially get pricey and cause you to stretch your budget if you’re not fully prepared. But overspending doesn’t have to happen; in fact, little adjustments can save you a lot.

Here are some of the best ways you can ensure your money is used wisely when purchasing and installing commercial railings:

#1 Buy Materials that are American-Made

There are so many cost disadvantage to not buying materials from companies based in the USA, and here are the biggest ones:

  • Shipping costs really add up, and that’s what you’ll be paying for if you purchase products made overseas. A lot of those companies won’t even disclose the exact amount they’re charging you in freight costs to ship the materials from a foreign country, so you could end up paying a lot more than the price of the items themselves.
  • You end up wasting precious time waiting for them to arrive from far away, especially if the order is custom and requires a larger package or if an item isn’t in stock yet. You might find yourself waiting as much as 16 weeks.

By ordering from a company that manufactures and distributes their materials within America, you can avoid these problems and build a relationship with the company. BuyRailings is proud to be a North American manufacturer and distributor that owns and operates our own showroom and warehouse with everything we carry.

#2 Buy Items in Bulk

The more you buy, the less your total cost can be. Buying in bulk allows your items to be shipped all at once, reducing freight costs and greatly saving you some dough on your total price! Plan it out beforehand so you know exactly what and how many materials you need before purchasing.

#3 Figure Out Your Custom Specifications

Another benefit of ordering from an American company is that custom orders for painting or powder color, finishing, or specific heights can be handled in the factory before you receive your materials. A local company has more control over their manufacturing process, which means a higher chance for ordering things custom cut, painted, and prefabricated.

You can rest assured knowing things will show up with the right specifications for your needs. This can save you both extra time and money to avoid the cost of setup and clean up if you did it on your own.

#4 Consider Maintenance

Think about the consequences of where your railings will be located, what type of climate you live in, and how much traffic they’ll get. Make sure you choose materials that will stand up to your situation and last as long as possible without extra maintenance.

Look for materials that are specifically made to resist corrosion like our aluminum pipes or plastic sleeves that are corrosion-resistant and prevent you from ever having to repaint. And if you need to, do a little research on what materials/finishes are best for your climate.

#5 Look for Deals

There’s no shame in doing a little comparative shopping when looking for the right commercial railing systems, and some companies will offer deals during certain times of the year. Just make sure that:

  1. The materials mentioned in the deal are exactly what you need and
  2. The company and materials are good quality

There’s a great deal that gives you a nice price for the quality, and then there are low prices that mean the quality is also low. Do business with companies you trust that provide value along with any deals they offer.

At BuyRailings, we work hard to give you both competitive prices AND high-quality railing materials that you can trust. We regularly offer discounts on our aluminum and galvanized steel pipes with a $1,000 purchase of our aluminum or galvanized steel commercial fittings.