From Deck Rails to Deck Maintenance – How to Choose the Right Deck

Posted On 27th March 2015

There are a number of things to consider when building a deck. From deck rails to deck maintenance, we try and break down some of the most important considerations before starting a deck project. The final appearance of your deck will depend on many things including the workmanship, the materials used and how well it has been maintained after construction.

Choosing the right deck materials

Decks can be made using numerous materials. From mahogany to hardwood and even plastics, there are lots of material choices to consider. We offer a wide range of deck rails that can fit any budget. Remember that the materials vary in terms of ease of installation, cost, maintenance demands, and durability. A material like preserved wood can resist termite attacks and decay and is quite affordable but it comes in different lumber grades. The more expensive higher grades can be used in visible areas and the lower grades on the other less visible parts.

Invest in quality workmanship

A poorly built deck will show from a mile away. Don’t attempt to do your own deck building unless you are really good at DIY projects. Read books on deck building and feel free to get in touch with a professional in case you need some advice. But is you can’t handle the construction on your own, go ahead and find professionals who are not just concerned about building the deck quickly but giving it the perfect touch. Deck boards should be tactfully placed to create a neat and beautiful finish.

Choose the right hardware for your deck

The wrong choice of hardware can make the deck unsightly. Hardware used in deck building should be hot-dipped galvanized to provide adequate protection. Screws should be used instead of nails because they are easier to remove and also eliminate the unpleasant indentations that result due to hammer blows.

Deck Maintenance

All decks need to be properly maintained to avoid issues like discoloration, rust, and rot. If you choose a wood deck for railing then get prepared to stain it on a regular basis and apply surface water repellants to prevent moisture attack. Maintaining your deck shouldn’t be time-consuming if you follow the recommended guidelines. There are also so many types of coatings that you can apply to protect your deck. Treated wood products that are not properly stained or coated can decay due to moisture. If you are prepared to maintain your deck periodically, it will remain beautiful and functional for many years to come.